Handling and Functions

Activation und Pairing

Make sure that the headphones are fully charged before the first activation. Switch on the bluetooth function of your device. Press the PCB-button (round button in the middle) for several seconds. First you will hear "power on". Continue pressing the button until you hear "pairing". 

The blinking blue and red LEDs mean that your headphones are in pairing mode. Now you will find the headphones in the bluetooth-menu (Phidelity 2.0), if you search for available devices. You can connect with the headphones through clicking on Phidelity 2.0 and pairing these. Afterwards sounds "Your device is connected." The red LEDs go off, while the blue ones are blinking slowly. Furthermore you will see the carge status of your headphones in the status bar of your device ,in order that you are always informed, how  much energy is remaining.

The headphones will find the connection from now on automatically and you only have to switch them on (of course you have to ensure that the device`s bluetooth is turned on. For turning off the headphones simply press the PCB-button until you hear "power off".




If you are connected to your headphones, while receiving a call, you will hear an alert and the caller`s phone number. 

Accept, reject and close call

You can accept the incoming call through tapping on the PCB-button once or reject it through pressing the PCB-button for two seconds. The accepted call can be closed at any time through a further click. 


For calling somebody back, simply press the PCB-button quickly twice and the last phone number of the call protocol will be dialed. 

Managing two calls at the same time

Receiving a second call, while talking on the phone, can be managed by accepting the incoming call through tapping on the PCB-button and the first call will be held. For switching between the calls, simply press the PCB-button for 2 seconds (until a beep sound). For closing the call in the current line, simply tap on the PCB-button. You will close this call and automatically get back the held one. 


It is possible to uphold a connection with multiple devices at the same time with our Phidelity Bluetooth Headphones 4.1. For switching among the connected devices simply tap on the PCB-button. In this way you need not to build up a new connection for changing devices. 


For starting the preferred music player, simply press the plus-button for several seconds. For starting/pausing a song tap on the PCB-button. With a short click on the plus-button the next song will be played. With a click on the minus-button the previous song will be played.


Videos can be paused/played by tapping on the PCB-button.

Volume control

The volume can be controlled through holding the plus-/minus-button for several seconds. An increase/decrease in volume is made in leaps, which can be controlled through the duration (3 seconds per change of level) of pressing the button. 

Restoring lost connections

If the bluetooth connection is lost, you can restore it through pushing the PCB-button. 



General information


jThe headphones can be charged through the mini-USB-charging cable, which is attached to a normal smartphone charging adapter and inserted in the micro-USB-port at the side of the control module. Full charging takes about one and a half hours. 

Battery Duration

Listening to music is possible for about 4 hours and managing calls for about 6 hours until you have to charge again. 

Working Distance

The bluetooth connection can be maintained for about 19 meters (without walls). The sound quality decreases with rising distance.