Phidelity Bluetooth Headphones 4.1

It was our vision to develop the first CO2-neutral produced in-ear sports-headphones with the best sound and perfect fit out of premium materials.

That is exactly what has been realized through our Phidelity Bluetooth Headphones 4.1!

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Up to 4 hours of music through

for lots of power while training! 



We live sustainabiliy -

the first CO2-neutral headphones!

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Our headphones withstand every test

EXCELLENT at´s Quality Check

GOOD at´s Quality Check

Read the whole test report (German).




Valuable Makassar-Ebony Wood

for the best sound and a perfect fit in your ears!



€ 1,- per sold pair of headphones 
is donated to Conservation International

for supporting reforestation of Indonesian rainforests and rural development.


Because we live responsibility!

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 Up to 19 meters Bluetooth range

for great mobility!




Within 1.5 hours fully charged!

For enjoying the perfect sound every moment!




Smart control unit for an efficient and easy handling!

Switching between songs at every time 
without using the phone.

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Enormous package and everything included! 

Waterproof Case, 3 Silicone Attachments in different sizes and 4 different temples and wings -

individually adaptable for the perfect fit during workout!

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We offer 2 years of guarentee!

Because we live customer satisfaction!




Use two bluetooth-connections at the same time! 
How does this work?

Through the Multi-Point-Connection-Technique of our Phidelity Bluetooth Headphones 4.1!

Switching between devices simply through pressing the control button, without waiting.




Never miss a call!

During listening to music sounds an alert, when there is an incoming call!

One click on the round PCB button is sufficient to take calls and stop the music automatically! 




Stay informed about the charge status of your headphones at any time - 

simply check the charging status symbol in the status bar of your device!


 Quality and responsible acting has a name - Phidelity

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