CO2-neutral Production and Sustainability

CO2-neutral production

It is our aim to be a role model when it comes to sound and manifacturing quality as well as with regards to ethical correct and sustainable doing business with our new Phidelity Bluetooth Headphones 4.1. That is why we have decided to take on the extra costs and focus on CO2-neutral production.

How does the CO2-neutral production work?

We use exact documentation about the energy usage during production and transport for calculating the CO2-emissions with the help of the organisation Climate Austria. The CO2-emissions are calculated through energy usage * CO2-emissions factor. Afterwards we pay CO2-compensations of € 25,- per ton of CO2 to Climate Austria.

Climate Austria uses these compensation payments to support projects for reducing CO2-emissions, through which the emitted emissions are compensated and are produced emissions-free. Examples for supported CO2-decreasing projects are the development of alternative drives, biomass heating technique, efficient cooking places in Africa, small hydro energy and forest management. These projects reduce CO2-emissions evidently, based on which the compensation payments are calculated, wherby the production of our headphones means zero net CO2-emissions.

Further information about the supported projects you will find (German) here.

Furthermore we are proud to be listed as partner on Climate Austria's website. 




€ 1,- per sold pair of headphones for sustainable means

Additionally to the CO2-neutral production we donate € 1,- per sold pair of headphones to Conservation International for supporting their Indonesia-programme. We are convinced that we as a business have to take our social und sustainable responsibility seriously and do more than "just" producing CO2-neutral to become a pioneer in the ecologization of the technology sector.

Because we use premium Makassar ebony wood for the production of our Phidelity Bluetooth Headphones 4.1 for providing the best quality for our customers, it was clear for us that we have to support the reforestation of the Indonesian rainforests. That is why we support the Conservation International Indonesia-programme, because CI engages especially in the reforestation of rainforests and species conservation of animals and plants. Furthermore, CI's Indonesia programme supports protection of the maritime biodiversity and rural sustainable development. 

More information about CI's Indonesia programme you will find here



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