For providing the best possible service for our customers, we provide an enormous extent of supply, which includes following accessories:

  • Waterproof Case
  • 3x silicone attachments in different sizes
  • 4x different temples and wings
  • Mini USB charging cable (without adapter) 
  • Two-language short instruction (German, English) 


Waterproof Case

For a secure transport of your headphones we deliver a stable, waterproof case, through which you can transport your headphones at any time without any worries. 



Silicone Attachments

We want to provide the ideal comfort-feeling for every customer through a perfect fit in their ears. Because of different ear sizes we deliver three different silicone attachments, through which anyone can individually choose the optimal size.

In the following clip changing the silicone attachments is shown.




Wings and temples

Especially during sports intensive movements and vibrations can lead to a slip oft the headphones. That is why we include two different wings and two different temples in the delivery package. Thereby every customer can choose his or her favourite attachment and prevent slipping headphones.

How to attach these is shown in the following clips:


Wings small



Wings big